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Wintertime Skincare

At this time of the year it's still very nippy and windy, although the stretch in the evenings is starting to become noticeable, and we go from the dessicating outdoor conditions to the dry heat of our centrally heated homes which can be just as unforgiving to our skin.

So it's important around this time of year to take extra precations to make sure that your skin stays fresh and moisturised, to avoid feelings of dryness and itchiness.

The upper layers of our skin are normally full of water, they absorb water from the air around us and can hold a quite surprising amount of moisture. Being inside warm dry houses and offices causes a lot of evaporation from our skin, and doesn't offer anything to replace it. Besides causing dry and flaky areas, your skin depends on having a certain amount of water in order to properly renew itself - when that moisture isn't there your skin isn't able to do what it should.

What we eat and how we live will also have an effect on our skin during the cold season, so make an exrta effort to drink the neccessary amount fo water your skin needs to help regenerate itself. Six to eight glasses per day are recommended, or herbal teas.

A gentle exfoliation cream will help to clear away areas of built up flaky skin. The right fatty foods will also help with a well-hydrated skin, fish like mackerel and trout, nuts and flax products. Remember, more isn't always better, so there is no need to take eat any of these in excess.

When showering, try to keep the water warm but not hot, as heat will strip away your skin's natural oil barrier, which keeps moisture inside. A short warm shower is best, and pat yourself dry afterwards.

And lastly, go easy on peels, cleansers and harsh soaps that may contain atringents or alcohol.

Enjoy your skin!