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Winter Skincare

Coming into the winter we all need to take special care to protect out skin to prevent it becoming dry and damaged, especially here in Galway! Of course the best idea is to stay out of the wind and wear a soft scarf while out walking, but even indoor heating can have a very dessicating effect. Remember to moisturise both face and hands, preferably something thick and creamy without a fragrance. It's best to apply the moisturiser after washing when your skin is damp.

Lip balm is also a good idea, as long as it's made using natural oils. Keep in mind that even though the days are shorter during winter, when the sun shines, it still shines brightly, even behind clouds. Hats and sunscreen are the best approach, but choose your sunscreen carefully - talk to us here at Purejoy to find the best type for your skin!

Last but not least, stay healthy from the inside out by drinking enough water daily and eating fruit and vegetables. This has a whole range of added health benefits beside keeping your skin fresh too, so plenty of water!