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Summer Skin Protection

Coming up to the summer and especially over the last few weeks we've had a taste of glorious summer weather which will hopefully last for a while! But with the good weather comes a few things we should keep in mind when we're looking after our skin.

The first and most important thing is to avoid direct exposure to the sun where at all possible. Wear a fashionable wide brim hat, sunglasses, and high UV protection creams. Stay cool with a face mist and moisturiser, and don't forget those lips! A UV protection lip balm will help a lot.

While your hair offers some protection from the sun, the place where your hair and scap meet is especially vulnerable, to keep that away from sunshine. Keeping physically cool is also important, so schedule a cool (not cold) shower once in a while. This will help reduce acne breakouts.

During hot weather it's also easy to build up a lot of dry skin, so use a good exfoliant before you shower. Some kinds of fruit, especially melons, can help with protecting your skin as well. A fade cream can help with freckles, and try to avoid scratching any bites! Keep in mind that swimsuits and bikinis provide no protection whatsoever, so apply your skin protection under them, letting it dry first.

And of course pay special attention to your hands, which are exposed to the sun more often than any other part of your body. These tips should help you to maintain healthy glowing skin throughout the summer!