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Spring cleaning for your skin!

As we leave behind a depressing wet winter and start looking forward to an enjoyable spring, our skin's needs change as well. Indoor living changes to outdoor fun and the cold chafing wind becomes mild breezes. Here are a few tips to help adapt your skincare regime to the changes spring brings!

Winter brings its own skin challenges like dry skin built up over time from heavy moisturisers and central heating. This leads to dry skin and a generally unhealthy look.

Regular exfoliation, twice a week, will help to remove this problem and get you ready for springtime. It's easy to make a natural exfoliating cream for your skin, so do that and use it to look fresh every day.

Herbs and moisturisers containing vitamin C will also help you to look vibrant, and make sure you use a lighter moisturiser in response to the less difficult environment of springtime. Herbs like camomile and grains like oatmeal are effective in a wide variety of ways, as are steam baths to help open and clear your pores. Look forward to the sunshine, but always use UV protection!