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Spring Clean Your Skin Routine

The winter often plays havoc with our skin, leaving it lacking lustre and feeling dry and sensitive. Just like our bodies need a detox from time to time, so does our skin, and so these spring months are the perfect time to give it that boost it needs.


Chances are, if you’ve been living in an Irish climate, your skin has been through quite a lot. From sitting in front of fires, to radiators in every room, and from blow heaters to electric blankets, the heat can cause severe dehydration. Add to that the fact that we generally consume less water in the winter months, and spend our days battling the winds and rain, it really is time for some soothing TLC.


The basics lie in a good, balanced diet, plenty of water, and a reduction in heating your house around this time. By tweaking your skincare routine and the products you use, you will be able to see the benefits in a short time.


Firstly, take a look at what you’re putting on your skin every day...are you simply trying to use up old products in your cupboard, mishmashing a range of products that you pick up at random in your local chemist? While many of these products will do the job of cleaning your face, and preventing your face from feeling dry, chances are they’re not achieving the best possible results for your skin.


Are you exfoliating your skin with a gentle but effective exfoliator on a regular basis? Are you offering your skin the collagen support it needs for supple, firm skin? Do your products (and your diet) contain antioxidants to keep your skin at its optimum? And most importantly, are you applying your spf each and every day, even on dull days?


We know that everyone’s skin is individual, however, and what works for one person may not for the next, and so, we always recommend that you start with a professional analysis of your skin.


Make an appointment with one of our skincare specialists at PureJoy for a spring facial tailored to your specific skin need. If your skin has been dry, dehydrated, lacking in vitality or simply in need of a lift, our Dermalogica and IMAGE facials will give it that lift it needs. We offer a full free skin consultation and product recommendation with every facial, that will get you on the path to having consistently glowing skin within weeks.


For those who feel they need that something extra, at our clinic we offer advanced facials and laser, including micro-needling, CACI microdermabrasion, IMAGE peels and Frax fractional laser skin resurfacing.


Pop in any time, or book now.