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Some Great Skincare Tips!

Here are a few great general skincare tips from your beauty salon in Galway, Purejoy!

Firstly you should choose the right cleanser for your skin type. Everyone's skin is different and needs different treatments, so you should drop in to check with our expert skincare beauticians to see what would work best for you. Pick the right morning drink as well, a cup of coffee isn't always the best idea! Green juices with lots of vegetables in them can also be great.

Seeds and walnuts in your diet will do your skin a lot of good, and maybe ease off on simple and complex carbs for the best results. You should moisturise straight after getting out of the shower and straight before you go to bed, using gentle moisturisers. Keep your hands away from your face!

It's generally a good idea not to use more than two skincare products on your face at the same time, causing spots and clogged pores. Wear sunscreen as often as possible though, even if the sun isn't out - not much is more destructive to our skin than the sun's UV rays. Wearing a hat and sunglasses is also highly advised. Drink plenty of water and stick with beverages that hydrate well.

Staying away from sources of direct heat can help to keep your skin fresh and youthful, open fires or even radiators and hairdryers will cause inflammation and redness. Regular exfoliation with a gentle cleanser is a fantastic way to remove dead skin cells and other dulling agents. Clean your makeup brushes and make sure there isn't a buildup of product on them. Shampoo makes a good cleanser for brushes.

Lastly but not least, sleeping well, preferably on silk pillowsheets, will protect your skin and hair even while you sleep.