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Some Great Fake Tan Tips!

With summer just around the corner our winter woollies are coming off and the sunhats are coming out, but we all know bathing in the sun is very bad for our skins, right? So what better way to get that lovely bronze look than with a nice safe fake tan! Here are some tips to get the most out of it.

Firstly you should remember to exfoliate, this will get rid of any dead skin cells and reduce teh chances of blotchiness. Exfoliants with oils in them are generally a bad idea, as they will cause the fake tan to spread and pool.

Have a cold shower just before you come in, this will close your pores and prevent blockage. If you're getting a wax around the same time, make sure it's at least a week before or after you get your tan on.

Be smart with your moisturiser, as this will have the same effect as oily moisturisers. If you have to moisturise, use aloe vera in limited areas. You can actually take advantage of oily moisturisers by putting them in your hairline to prevent the tan spreading there, if you have light coloured hair.

You can add natural accents to your skin by applying your fake tan in places you'd like to highlight, beneath your muscle indents or collarbones, or at the front of your legs. Keep these tips inm ind and you'll have a great tanning experience, only from the experts at Purejoy Beauty!