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Some Beauty Tips For Fair Complexioned Galway Girls!

Lipstick, makeup and eyeliner

As people with generally light complexions, Irish women should probably do their best to avoid skin toned or brownish lip colours and neutral eye shadow tones, as they take away much of the depth of your features. The contrast between light hued skin and more vigorous notes works better than a monotonous facade with little variety, for most people.

Instead we should be looking more at brighter lipstick, pink or red perhaps, and for those with blue or gree eyes, a hint of green or blue eyeshadow to really make your eyes sparkle. Those of us with brown eyes on the other hand will get a wonderful effect from chocolate tones. Eyeliners should be a little darker than your eyeshadow, and generally go with black mascara to bring out your inner sparkle.

Always try to test foundations on your face and look at the effect in the mirror before application. If you can, check it outside the shop as well. Blush, if needed, tends to give your features a warm colour, so that's something to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to use it.

Hair and fashion

Before deciding to go blonde, it's usually a good idea to talk to us here at Purejoy Beauty salon, it can be tricky getting it just right and not ending up with a soemwhat drab effect. And don't forget, pale skin works well with contrasting colours, so don't be shy about trying deep brunettes, blacks, or even red hair colours! The same advice could be said to apply to your wardrobe as well.

Healthy skincare tips for pale skin

It goes without saying that people with fair skin tend to be more affected by the sun, so always use skin protection creams and preferably wear hats when outdoors, the sun's ultraviolet light can do permanent damage to your skin. Clean your skin and moisturise before sleeping every night, and if your skin is starting to show signs of damage, contact us for our microdermabrasion services.

Your diet is of course an essential part of skincare. Plenty of fresh fruit and water, stay hydrated, and consider increasing the amount of light vegetables in your daily meals. Salads and greens are what your skin needs to glow and shine from within. An apple a day keeps the wrinkles away!