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Rosacea and Irish Women

Rosacea is something that can affect women in their thirties and upwards, although it can be treated and prevented. Its symptoms include a redness on the body, nose, cheeks, chin and forehead, and if not taken care of will only spread and increase as time goes on. Women with light skin are particularly at risk, Irish women especially.

If you notice regular flushing, spots, broken blood vessels or a general redness, you may have Rosacea. Irritated eyes can often be an indicator as well. In that case you should use fewer and gentler beauty products, and more moisturiser, which will protect your skin from dust, pollen and other irratations which can redden the skin.

Of course, sun protection cream is essential as well when outdoors, and you should try out any new products on a small part of your skin before applying it in larger amounts. That make up you do use should be water based, not oil or wax based, and it shouldn't dry your skin out.

Makeup and products with alcohol, witch hazel, perfumes, astringents and so on will all dry out your skin and exacerbate your Rosacea, so these are to be avoided also. Even so called "herbal" beauty products cannot neccesarily be trusted, check what's in it before application!

You diet and lifestyle can also be major factors in preventing Rosacea, food high in Vitamin C and iron are helpful, and avoid tomatoes, bananas, cheese, and spicy foods. You should stay out of the sun and wind as much as possible, and try to reduce situations where you might be under stress or anxious.

Laser treatments in Galway are available to help reduce broken and visible blood vessels, eventually removing them entirely. One of the perfect treatments is the IPL Skin Rejuvenation plus facial thread veins.