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Questions and answers about Laser Hair Removal

People often have questions when they come to our popular Galway laser hair removal clinic, and they might not always know the best way to treat their skin before, during and after sessions, so here are a few ideas and recommendations.

While the idea of getting laser hair removal treatment may feel a bit intimidating at first, but there's nothing to be concerned about. We gfo through every step of the process and explain how it works, doing a patch test first to be sure that we have the right settings for your skin type. This will also give you a sense of how it feels, which is like a slight pinch for a second.

For the first few sessions we'll be slowing the growth of the hair follicles, thinning them a little, and our professional laser therapists will make you feel comfortable at every step of the process.

You shouldn't put skin creams or moisturiser on the area where the treatment will be applied.

Generally speaking you shouldn't try to get a suntan during the laser hair removal process, which is why Autumn and Winter are the best times of year to start. Direct sunlight stimulates the skin's melanin levels, that's why your skin gets darker, which has an effect on the time it will take between sessions, it will take longer to finish the hair removal.

Fake tans however are fine as long as you remove it and exfoliate your skin about a week before your laser treatment begins.

Sunbeds directly bombard the skin with ultraviolent light which can be quite dangerous if you're undergoing a course of laser hair removal treatements - under no circumstances should you use a sunbed during this period.

If you normally wax or epilate you should stop about a month before taking laser hair removal treatments to make sure the laser has maximum effect, although you should shave the area the night before the treatment (preferably not the same day to reduce sensitivity).

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