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Purejoy Laser and Advanced Skincare on Yummy Mummy

Working full time and being a busy mom of 3, taking time out to go for a facial is way down my list of priorities. But I made a few new year resolutions and going for the odd facial here and there was one of them. So last week between school runs I had a couple of hours to spare so I popped into Purejoy, located in Mainguard Street in Galway City.

The IMAGE O2 Lift Facial sounded exactly what I needed. The treatment is designed to exfoliate, illuminate and oxygenate all skin types. It infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into your skin. It costs €65 and takes 40mins.

I cannot remember the last time I went for a facial so I was looking forward to having my skin analysed by the expert. Joy the owner and therapist of Purejoy with over 20 years experience is a true professional. No surprises with the outcome of my skin analysis...dehydrated, congested and a number of red veins!!!

Here is the proof that my skin was very dehydrated.... the mask instantly absorbed into my face. These aren't the prettiest of pictures but they demonstrate how dehydrated my skin is, my red veins and lots of congestion.

The next day my skin felt luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated. I used the Image Vital C hydration anti ageing serum before I applied my make-up which I'm really loving.

Over the next few weeks I intend to go back to Purejoy for further treatments, including:

    Microzone Express (remove congestion i.e. the blackheads)
    Hydrating Facial
    Red Vein Removal IPL
    Skin Rejuvenation IPL (for redness and pigmentation)
    Hair Removal Lip and Chin

Purejoy would like to offer Yummy Mummy readers

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This article was originally posted with pictures by the Yummu Mummy blog.