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When you mention Laser Hair Removal to most lads they immediately think of James Bond strapped to a bench in Goldfinger or the Jedi Lightsabers from Star Wars. Outside of that it’s perceived as something exclusively for women. As someone who has shared dressing rooms with plenty of gorillas during my glittering sporting career I can confidently say its unchartered territory for far too many men.

Laser hair removal was always something that I had considered but never actively researched until my good friend Sinead Carroll www.yummymummy.eu.com recommended www.purejoybeauty.ie on Maingaurd St in Galway city center. My current direction in blogging is to test out and report back what’s available to help men be more confident and appealing in their own skin. The reaction from lads has been very interesting since learning of my first treatment. First there’s a smart arse comment followed by a sincere “Is it not really painful?”

After examining the list of treatments available which are at the bottom of the page I decided I’d like to say bye bye to my back hair. Lets be honest most ladies love a hairy chest but a hairy back has all the appeal of a weekend away in Roscommon. I had a few light patches which I’ve previously shaved with comical difficulty. I’ve also opted for waxed professionally waxing but the opportunity to say a permanent adios to these wispy tufts really appealed to me.


Before my appointment I had to shave the area which was going to be treated. The first session is very straight forward, basically your Laser Therapist, Joy in my case, gives you a questionnaire to fill out to ensure it’s safe for you to be treated. She then explains what’s involved in the entire procedure and then tests an area to assess the levels that you are most comfortable with and to ensure there’s no adverse reaction. As you might expect I’m pretty thick skinned so was able to handle the highest setting comfortably.

The Treatment

First a gel is applied to the area that’s getting lasered, a really cold gel. Then the therapist sets to work, for this part you get really cool black shades to protect you from the strong light produced by each administration. Basically a laser machine emits a beam of light which works it’s was down to the root of your hair and burns the roots that nourish the hairs and keeps them alive. The treatment is essentially attempting to destroy the cells at the base of the hair to prevent regrowth.                                     

The Result

To answer the question ever lad was asking, no it genuinely didn’t hurt. In the patch test Joy tested the setting at different levels and event the top setting was fine, I’d describe it as a minor discomfort, like having to sit through an episode of Fair City. The beautician isn’t going to work at a level that causes you pain but obviously the higher the setting the more effective the treatment. That was the first session of up to six and I’m really delighted with the results. I feel more confident (yes that is possible) and extremely happy with the procedure.

As the summer trundles towards with the pace of a full back in Junior football, I’d encourage any guy out there to sign up and look forward to a smoother future.

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