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Preparing for your Spray Tan

We all know by now that the sun is destructive to our skin and can cause wrinkles, unsightly blemishes and worse problems, so it's better to avoid direct sunlight where possible. But we all love to have that nice bronze tan look, so here at Purejoy we'll give you the best all over body tan from one of our great ranges!

To prepare for your treatment, helping you get longer lasting and smoother results, you should exfoliate your skin a day beforehand, which clears away any dry skin and closes your pores. This also helps the tan to take hold in an even layer and looks great.

Moisturise your elbows, knees and knuckles the day before your tanning session (NOT on the same day), and don't shower or bathe directly beforehand either, although a cold shower early on is okay. Old, dark and loose clothing is best to wear to the salon.

After your session, don't allow your skin to get wet or sweaty for at least a day, and avoid tight or white clothing and underwear. Wait at least eight hours before washing off the excess tanning spray. Don't touch your skin and try to avoid physical contact with it where possible. Keep away from leathers and soft furnishings as the tan can leave a long term discolouration on them.

Try to avoid swimming pools, chlorine and taking baths and pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it. After your tan has settled, moisturise your skin to keep it fresh and healthy.