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Preparing for your facial treatment

Here at Purejoy Beauty we offer the best facial treatments in Galway, so to get the most from your treatment you should prepare a little beforehand!

Don't use any exfoliating products at least a week before getting your facial, as this will make your skin too sensitive. Scrubs and sunburns are also a big no-no. You should also know what you want to get from the facial and discuss it with us beforehand.

Men should naturally shave on the morning of their appointment in order to get the most benefit from their facial. If you're using skin care products, bring them along for us to take a look at, we should be able to offer advice and possible supplements for your skin.

We can best judge how to improve your skin if you don't take any special measures to wash or cleanse your skin on the day of your appointment, so just go au natural!

And don't forget to turn off your cell phone!