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New Year New You

Want Great Skin? The Time is Now

By Joy Colleran

Still hoping to turn over a new leaf this year, but haven’t yet decided what’s worth your focus and effort? Then why not start with the first thing that people see - your face.

While we can spend months or years trying out new products, hoping the next one will be ‘the one’ to give you the skin you’ve always dreamt of, without a proper treatment plan, this exercise can often be a waste of time and money.

In conjunction with home-care, results-driven treatments really are where it’s at if you want great skin and value for money.  From banishing pigmentation for a clear complexion, to firming slackening skin by increasing collagen, and giving you back that plump skin and healthy glow, the focus with Purejoy’s Top Four Treatments is always exceptional results.

Until you’ve tried this revolutionary skin treatment, it’s impossible to imagine the transformational effect it can have on your skin, and your life. Introducing Ellipse Frax 1550, our latest addition to the clinic. Ellipse Frax laser can slow down and even reverse the visible signs of aging, removing age spots and leaving the skin looking fresher and less wrinkled. There’s no significant down-time with Frax, meaning you can have a treatment on your lunch-break and return to work after, with little or no redness. We’ve just introduced this exciting treatment, which has been receiving rave reviews. Want to see more about Ellipse Frax 1550 (press here).

Ellipse IPL can offer amazing results for skin rejuvenation. From evening out skin tone, reducing pigmentation, improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin and offering a renewed and refreshed look, Ellipse treatments can also kick-start increased collagen production.

Image Peels
If your skin is looking a little dull and tired, a course of Image Peels can give your face that boost it’s been lacking. From the more sensitive to acne-prone and ageing skin, Image Skincare Peels offer solutions for various conditions. These resurfacing treatments are designed to improve texture, brighten and even out skin tone for a glowing complexion. The peels are also ideal for treating conditions such as congestion and acne

A favourite among those looking to increase collagen production in slackening skin, Micro-needling is one of the most effective, non-invasive anti-ageing treatments currently on the market. Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, Microneedling is also a fantastic treatment for plumping and thickening the skin, while evening out skin tone and pigmentation. It is also an effective treatment for acne scarring and stretch marks...well worth investing in if you’re serious about your skincare.

Of course, while these treatments can have tremendous effects, the most effective way to get the skin of your dreams is an integrated approach of treatments, skincare, diet and supplements. Purejoy therapists can advise you on the best integrated approach for your skin, to make sure you have every chance of getting that beautiful skin - all year ‘round, and year after year.