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Looking After Eyebrows

While of course the best idea when considering your eyebrows is to speak to an eyebrow professional in Galway, but there are a few things you can do to help your eyebrows at home as well. It's important to encourage growth, and your eyebrows need vitamins A, C and E, like the rest of your hair. External topical treatments can also be beneficial, like natural oils such as rose and castor oil. These also bring a pleasant aroma. And although it might seem intuitive, leaving your eyebrows for an extended period without plucking or waxing will also cause them to grow!

Fashion trends in eyebrows come and go but for the most part, the generally accepted best shape for an eyebrow is from under the nostril to the last third of the eye towards the outer end. Try to put an arch in when tweezing, but make sure it's not above the first third of the eye! The last third should be higher than the first as well.

Properly applied makeup can also make a big difference in the shape of your eyebrows. Filling in should start from the middle of the eyebrow and move towards the outer end. Then do the inner end but not right to the tip as it can create an "angry" look. Coloured gels and tints can also work well. We hope you find these ideas useful and give us a call to make an appointment for more help!