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Laser hair removal from Purejoy

Laser hair removal in Galway is most effective with dark hair on light skin. While shaving or using creams are okay, you shouldn't pull out hairs or wax for at least a month and a half prior to your laser har removal treatment.

Only the latest technology will minimise discomfort and maximise removal, and that's what we have at Purejoy, so give us a buzz today! Also a close shave just before getting your laser hair removal treatment will help to lessen any twinges you might feel.

The degree of discomfort experienced depends on the person - for most it's no more than a tweezer might cause. We do use cooling creams to help lessen any effects you might feel to let us know how you feel during the treatment!

It will likely take several sessions to completely remove hair, and after each session you can help to clear dead hair with a cloth in the shower.