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Getting ready for a facial

When you come in for a Purejoy facial in Galway there are a few things you can do both before and after to get ready for your treatment experience. You should think about what kind of results you'd like to see, and tell our expertly trained staff what you're going for, and if there's anything in particular you'd like us to work on.

Beforehand, you should avoid sunshine and similar exposure, preferably for a week or so beforehand. If you're getting ready for a wedding or other occasion, set it up for a few days before to let your skin recover. Cleanses should also be organised for the afternoon or evening.

After a facial you can expect your skin to have a warm, rosy glow for a couple of hours, but it depends on how sensitive your skin is. Makeup can be applied but it's probably better to let your skin absorb the effects of the treatment by itself for a while.

Looking after your skin between facials is very important, so make sure you talk to our specialists about the different skincare products we have on offer for various skin types. Give us a call today to arrange your facial!