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Before and After Waxing

If you're worried about waxing, don't be concerned and read on! Whether it's your first wax or you've had a bad experience in the past, these simple tips can help make your waxing in Galway experience better.

Our trained and professional staff have done thousands of waxes over the years, and that expertise will play a big part in improving your hair removal. Some ideas to help as well:

Before waxing, let your hair grow a bit for one or two weeks, preferably out to a quarter inch or so. Exfoliate your skin on the day of your appointment to lift hairs that might be trapped.

After waxing, aloe vera gel to soothe the burning sensation will help, and don't sunbathe, use tanning salons or do strenuous exercise after the waxing. We also offer long term and permanent hair removal solutions so do please ask about them!

Happy Christmas from all of us at Purejoy!