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Acne Treatment

There's nothing more annoying than a spot or a zit when you've an important function coming up, so if you need a quick effective treatment for acne, call in to us here at Purejoy Beauty in Galway. Meanwhile though here are a few tips to help prevent acne.

Most importantly avoid the sun and make regular use of good sunscreen. Something with vitamin C in it is also advised, to help repair and protect your skin. And don't forget your sunglasses whenever you go outside.

You should try to keep your hands away from your face as much as possible, and don't burst pimples. If you do that they might scar and it only pushes the bacteria deeper into the skin. For some people, acne clears up if they simply stop touching their face so much!

Diets high in fats and carbohydrates can also cause oily skin which lends itself to acne, so no more chips! Instead stick to fish, lean meat, nuts and plenty of green veg. And don't forget to drink penty of water, which has many other potent health benefits!

If you're trying a new product, don't expect overnight results - give each one a couple of weeks to take effect. While exfoliating don't scrub as that will only harm the skin, dab away excess moisture. Likewise waxing and tweezing can cause spots, so prepare your face beforehand with an antibacterial wash. Clean your makeup off before you go to bed every night, and make sure your makeup brushes are clean as well. Even your smartphone should be kept clean!

Avoid hot showers, as these can cause swelling and redness which won't go away as you grow older. And don't forget, plenty of good healthy sleep!